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For nearly 30 years the Hoorah Cloggers have been making the world a brighter place for two groups of people: themselves, & everybody else.

1) For the Hoorah Cloggers themselves, the group provides a wonderful and diverse community network of dance and music lovers to spend time with, dance with, pot luck (verb?) with, play music with, go to festivals with, and generally have fun with.
FloydFest 2003
The group is also a vehicle for personal development where members acquire skills and experience in leadership, teaching, and small business administration in addition to improving their their dancing.

2) The Hoorah Cloggers provide mountains of entertainment for those who like (or need) a good laugh & they provide inspiration to those whose feet and hearts want to (or need, or used to) fly. Their unique blend of performing mixes precision & grace with energy and abandon. This make the Hoorah Cloggers a great choice for venues wanting an energetic performance and a good measure of traditional Appalachian culture.

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