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Current Cloggers

Amanda Wareing When I joined the Hoorah Cloggers in Jan '04 I knew little about dancing, but I never had been able to sit still when there was any kind of music playing. I was finishing up a degree in Wildlife Sciences from VT at the time. The Hoorahs became like a second family to me, especially since my sister, Lynn, also dances with the group. Currently, my husband and I are homesteading in Floyd Co. We chronicle our adventures on our personal website.
Lynn Logan I have been clogging since Jan ,04. It has been a defining activity for my life in Blacksburg, both for the great friends I've made and nurtured and also for the artistry it has brought through music, dance, color, and the dance's rich history in this community. I have a music and art degree from Virginia Tech and currently teach piano in Blacksburg when I don't have my hands in the garden. :)
Barbara Wright Clogging with the Hoorah Cloggers to live Old Time Music has been a sweet and fun part of Barbara's life for almost 3 decades. Barbara loves to teach clogging to people of all ages, especially kids. "It is great to watch people learn a couple of steps and then be able to really dance to the music!".
Anne Elise Thomas Anne Elise has been a Hoorah Clogger since 2000 (with several years hiatus). She is originally from Blacksburg, spent many years away from the area for college and graduate school but is back and clogging strong. Anne Elise is also a musician (fiddle, piano, harpsichord, qanun), ethnomusicologist, and (as of May 2009) Mom to a future clogging prodigy.
Phil Louer In 1972, I was at the Union Grove Fiddler's Convention where I witnessed a tornado of epic proportions. That tornado was the Green Grass Cloggers. I had never seen anything like it. A few years later, a similar group, the Hoorah Cloggers, emerged in Blacksburg. I started dancing and performing with the Hoorah Cloggers in 1978 and have been going strong since then, celebrating the joy of living through dance. I love doing workshops in schools and getting other people to dance and move to music. Most recently, I am the father of a future clogging prodigy (see above).
Jen Pollard As the locals here in B'burg like to say, "There's something in the water." Some folks think that must be what's kept me coming back to town each time I move away. But I know its really the fine traditional music and dancing in this area. My first intro to dancing was in 1993 when I went to my first local square dance. I then got sucked into the Hoorah's for a YMCA Craft Fair performance sometime back in the mid 90s and life hasn't been quite the same since. I LOVE dancing. And I LOVE sharing this high energy style with spectators even more! And it's great exercise too
Susan Sanders Susan began dancing with the Hoorah Cloggers in 2008, shortly after she moved to Blacksburg from Winston-Salem, NC. She enjoys learning all styles of dance. She also plays piano and recently joined the Sauerkraut Band as accordionist. Professionally, Susan works in marketing and brand management.
Bob Wright Hi There, Dancing Friends! My name is Bob Wright, and I have been involved with the Hoorah Cloggers since 1983. In October of that year I was attending a square dance held for the Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association (ALDHA) Gathering when I saw something indescribable by me at the time. A mob of what seemed like 12 people appeared on the main stage in colorful dresses and jeans and flannel shirts with legs flying in more directions than wings in a frightened flock of wild turkeys, and as much pounding energy too. A music filled the hall which seemed to grab the muscles inside of me and make legs move that had never danced a lick before. The love of life energy exuded by the Hoorah Cloggers had been injected into and absorbed by my spirit and truly changed my life. It was serendipitous that just a few weeks prior to the ALDHA gathering I had made the choice to re-locate my life to the Blacksburg, VA area. After working with the Hoorah Cloggers, first one time per week and later two times per week, I made the transition from a person with zero dance experience and a stiff physique to a more fluid and relaxed novice dancer. This change was a chrysalis never envisioned by me. I found myself on stage for my first performance at the ALDHA Gathering in 1984. When the group joined hands for our warm-up circle on stage that night, energy from the people on each side of me charged directly to my core and the feeling, while barely describable by me in words, is unforgettable in my experience on Earth. Such is the purest energy of life and love of life that can occur when people meet in a synergistic fashion. The Hoorah Cloggers are a conduit of that energy, and anyone is welcome to join and share. In Peace, Bob
Dan Westlake

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Jason Zwolak "That's me jumpin' and hollerin' during one of many energetic Hoorah Clogger performances, a place I thought I'd never be. I've been a swing dancer in Blacksburg since 1997 and became a leader in the Blacksburg swing dance community in 2001. I heard tale of the Old Time community and the Hoorah Cloggers from such characters as Ben Lieb, Barbara Wright, Mary Predny, and Mary Dickerson for more than a year before I decided to come out and see what all this hootin' and hollerin' was all about. My first encounter with the cloggers sparked a new interest in music and dance that is with me today. I've found great value in dance, music, and the community that surrounds those activities. My education is in computer science and computational biology. As I move forth to a likely career in this area I will look for dance and music communities wherever I go."
Laura Horsch "I began clogging several years ago with the Circle City Cloggers in Indianapolis and joined the Hoorahs in 2002. I am currently working toward my Ph.D. in child clinical psychology at Virginia Tech, and fill my free time with as much music and dance as possible."
Ben Lieb"I got the dancing bug on an unforgetabable warm spring night in 1997. I enjoy lots of dance styles, but prefer those where goofiness is a virtue. I like to learn things and like teaching almost as much. I also like to play fiddle tunes, learn foreign languages, make web sites, play soccer, & see the world. More on my personal website."
Ana Ramos "I am from Spain and I discovered Old Time music and the Hoorah Cloggers in Blacksburg one Tuesday of April in 2001. That music and the fun of the Virginia Reel captivated me that day and I am still under the influence of it. I joined the Hoorah Cloggers 5 days later and I have enjoyed being a member, dancing with the group, and sharing good experiences with them ever since. Often you can see Flamenco moves in my clogging "boogies", like the one in this picture (Floydfest 2004)."
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